How to Upload Products as a Seller on Tradpeek

1.      Visit and click on Vendor’s Corner to register or click on login if you have already registered.

2.      Enter your email and password, or click on forgot password if you cannot remember your password.

3.      Once you login, you will be taken to “My Account” page, scroll down to the “Seller” column on the right hand side and click on Products.

4.      It takes you to the page “Your Products”.

5.      Then Click on “Add new products”.

6.      Fill in the necessary product information (Name, Description, Price, Quantity, Minimum Quantity)

7.      Select a category where the product falls under.(eg: women Clothing, Men’s Clothing etc)

8.      Search Engine Optimization section could be left if the user has no idea on how it works,

9.      Under additional data, you add the model of the product, SKU (store keeping Unit).

10.  You can add related products you have previously uploaded (to show the buyers more of your products)

11.  Under option, you add different options to clothes and shoes (e.g. Shoe size, color etc.)

12.  Special prices for bonuses.

13.  Images, where you upload the picture of the product, at least a picture must be uploaded for every product and maximum of four pictures. ( Not more than 300kb)

14.  Click on Submit


If you have any challenges please contact the admin via email or 07031525786